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  • Address: Building 6,Chi Ling District Yi Hong Rong Science and Technology Park,Houjie Town,Dongguan,Guangdong Province,China.

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  Hongyang Numerical Control Technology is a professional production and sales shoes and shoes and cutter and spare parts. Main products: work shoe buckles, cutting edge, thick tail knife knife, CNC tool, non-standard tools, leather soles molding cutter, wood and round, cutting edge cutting knife, complete production leather, rubber soles grinding milling equipment, such as: high speed milling machine, leather leather Dou machine, imitation type in CNC milling machine, leather leather slot lathing machine, etc. My company technical force is abundant, the professional tool, senior engineer, a number of professional and technical personnel, and often and foreign famous manufacturer for technical communication tools. The advanced technology of welding equipment and sintering process and grinding process, can complete each product. The company was established in the management of computer aided design system and computer network management. My company for customers' queries, the user supreme management idea, the product processing, customized, in a few short years development, and solve the technical problems, many users trust, the company products with high quality, fast and convenient services, and many customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

  The company the bona fide regard customer as the center, making the first-class products and services.

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  • Mobile:13929246898
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