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  Dongguan Haifei CNC Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company is located in Dongguan Houjie, a famous manufacturing city in the world. With its unique geographical location, open and active business environment and positive spirit of perseverance, Haifei CNC has been successfully developed from the first HF-D160 CNC engraving machine in 2009 to the birth of CNC cutting full-line products for 11 years. Adhere to the spirit of conscientious, diligent and pragmatic, persistent and brave craftsmen, dedicated to the development and production of intelligent numerical control equipment.

In 2017, we successfully reached strategic cooperation with Italian MB Company. The company's product technology has been greatly improved. With Sino-Italian cooperation technology, unique and novel design, stable and efficient mechanical performance, precise and perfect cutting effect, and unique intelligent software functions, Haifei products have received unanimous praise and trust from customers since they launched the market.

The company's main products are: cutting machine series P100 double-blade dermal cutter, P200 single-blade dermal cutter, D188-1 double-blade cutter, D188-1L double-blade coil cutter, P8 dermal typesetting machine, HF-D160 CNC engraving machine for outsole series, D190 double-skateboard CNC engraving machine and other products, suitable for: shoemaking industry, shoe material industry, bags, sports goods, home decoration, automobile, etc. Processing, production and application of interior decoration, clothing, Cultural Games and other industries, product functions for traditional manufacturing industry to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce labor costs, enhance enterprise competitiveness, achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry machine replacement, intelligent manufacturing, to solve the growing problems of traditional manufacturing industry for customers, win orders for customers.

Haifei products are now sold all over the world, cutting machine series products, carrying independent research and development of intelligent software, equipped with high-precision processing components, Italian cutting-edge design technology, on the basis of CAD/CAM numerical control technology, technological innovation breaks through the traditional process, cutting machine series products have reached the leading level of the industry, and won a number of national design patent certificates, high-tech technology awards, high-tech technology. Honors such as technical enterprise title and vice president unit of Guangdong Shoe Machinery Chamber of Commerce.

Haifei CNC Technology will always adhere to the business philosophy of customer first, stable quality, reasonable price and innovative service, as in the past, providing customers with innovative, reliable and trustworthy high-tech products, and working hand in hand with the majority of customers, win-win cooperation and create brilliance.

  The company the bona fide regard customer as the center, making the first-class products and services.

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