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High efficiency, high precision, leather sole roughing machine
From: Haifei CNC technology co. LTD Post date: 2018-09-28

  Our company's latest outsole equipment - hf-dx162 real leather outsole roughing machine, the following is the detailed introduction of leather outsole roughing machine.

HF-DX162 leather outsole blaster

Machine features and description

The function of the machine is to make the sole (tunit sole) thick and cut evenly, and the maximum thickness difference of the sole after processing is 0.05mm. The thickness of the sole after processing by the machine is accurate and correct, and the surface treatment effect is also very good, one kind of thickness can be adjusted once, it can be colluded with other machines in the production line.
     Note: different computer values and frequencies are available

The machine parameters

Matching tool - rough cutter with leather bottom

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